Remember when we used to throw stones in the water and watch the ripples expand? Or push our limits climbing trees and rock walls? Maybe built a sandcastle or one with blocks, only to destroy it again to see what happens. That hasn't really changed much, only now we do it on a different scale. We are still inspired by learning how the world works, truly works. Making mistakes, experience the forces and figure out the physics behind it all - feel disappointed when things don't work or be excited when they do, but most importantly learn from it as much as we can.

It is said that innovation pushes boundaries. For us though, it is those boundaries that drive our need for innovation. This may sound similar to some, to us it is as subtle of a difference, as our attitude towards finding solutions rather than solve problems. It is simply our love for observation and rational, in trying things in the real world, that provides us with a wealth of solutions -  just like when we were kids.